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Pricing Calculator
Number of Prints Locations:
Number of Ink Colors (excluding underbase):
Underbase Required? (Are any ink colors lighter than the garment?) NO YES
Repeat Order? NO YES  

How many OFF CENTER prints (leg, sleeve, side etc):   $0.15 ea
Number of FLEECES (hoodies, crewnecks and such):   $0.25 ea
How many NYLON, POLY, or MOISTURE MANAGEMENT garments:   $0.50 ea
How many YOUTH garments:   $0.25 ea + $5 per order
How many garments with FOIL:   $1.00 ea
How many with SPECIALTY inks (gold, metallic, puff, glow):   $0.50 ea
How many NAMES on the back of the uniforms:   $4.00 ea
How many HEAT TRANSFERS PRESSED:   $1.00 ea
How many DIGITS on the back of the uniforms:   $1.00 ea
How many COLOR CHANGES:   $10.00 ea
Are the prints OVERSIZED? (larger than 12x14 with underbase or 14x16 without) NO YES   $0.50 ea
Are we printing OVERS the SEAMS and/or ZIPPERS? NO YES   $75.00
Are we using DISCHARGE ink? (min qty 48 pcs) NO YES   $0.50 ea

Print Charge $22
Setup $ 15

per print $37.00
TOTAL $37.00 (Before Art)

Separations/Art prep ESTIMATE:
art seps/prep $0
cost per print with art fees $37.00


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